Scholarships for Bangladesh Students to Study Abroad

The most beneficial fact about study abroad Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students is that they offer them a priceless opportunity to study at some of the prestigious and esteemed universities abroad. 

Earning scholarships means the benefit of pursuing a higher education degree without much investment. Further, it is a great opportunity for students to explore a new country and broaden their vision about education and knowledge. Every abroad country has much to offer in terms of education and learning. Their unique styles of schooling and pedagogy instil students a new perspective and vision of all things academic.

Do you know there are numerous study abroad scholarships for Bangladeshi students available? All the abroad countries offer scholarships for Bangladeshi students to pursue higher education without any financial burden. 

To avail these scholarships, students must have an impressive academic record demonstrating their strong academic abilities. The scholarships are generously offered for pursuing all kinds of degrees, such as Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate. 

Also, can you fathom that each country allocates millions of dollars for scholarships to fund international students’ education? Besides education cost, these scholarships also cover students’ air tickets, accommodation, health insurance, etc.


Types of Scholarships for International Students

There are many types of study abroad scholarships for Bangladeshi students available. These scholarships are categorised according to their individual talent. Students need to be at the top of their skills to avail these scholarships. 

Being a merit student is a proud moment for students since they have earned recognition and acknowledgement for their efforts and hard work. This is one of the biggest benefits as it reflects their true academic abilities to their future employers. 

  • Merit-based Scholarships - Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who excel in academics. Students must have a top score to avail of these scholarships.
  • Need-based Scholarships - Need-based scholarships are for students who hail from financially weak families.
  • Government-funded scholarships - Government-funded scholarships are given by the government of a particular country. The eligibility is students must meet the academic requirements set by them.
  • Privately-Funded Scholarships - Private-funded scholarships are given by private bodies or organisations to eligible students. These private organisations have strict eligibility criteria.
  • Academic Scholarships - Academic Scholarships are offered by universities, colleges and private organisations. Students with excellent academic records are only eligible for Academic scholarships.
  • Average Academic Scholarships - To avail of this scholarship, students need more than an overall average score in academics. Other factors like community service and extracurricular activities are also considered for this scholarship.